Trach Pad With Velcro

$ 6.00

Our soft trach pads protect your child's skin from irritation and absorb leakage around surgical sites. The underlayer is made from moisture-wicking microfleece, while the water-resistant outer layer keeps fluids from getting onto clothing. Unlike other pads, our pads do not have rough edges or irritating exposed seams.


  • Hook and loop closure (similar to brand-name Velcro®)
  • Outer surface made from soft, water-resistant polyurethane laminate (PUL)
  • Inner layer made from absorbent cotton terrycloth
  • Skin-facing surface made from moisture-wicking polyester microfleece


  • If purchasing for someone who is immunocompromised or in the hospital, check hospital rules or talk to their doctor before gifting.
  • Pad is not intended to be used as a medical treatment, or in place of a doctor-recommended medical treatment.
  • Wash before using. Lay flat to dry.


  • Size Small fits most neonatal, pediatric, and small adult trach tubes (4mm - 10mm diameter tubes)
  • Size Large fits most large adult trach tubes (10mm - 16mm diameter tubes)
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