Unisex Sleeveless Wonsie

$ 36.00

Finally, a onesie for older children with special needs! This soft cotton onesie can be worn alone, or worn under pants and skirts. 


  • Tagless for kids with sensory needs
  • Inseam snaps allow for easy diapering or toileting
  • Stretch cotton fabric ensures comfort during sleep or play
  • Longer on the legs to provide more coverage than the average onesies


We understand that kids are all different shapes and sizes. The size of the garment is a rough indication of the age of the child, but if you're on the border of two sizes, we recommend choosing the size up, especially if your child is taller an average or wears a diaper. Our larger sizes (12 and 14) also fit most small to medium adults. It is especially suited to the elderly. 

As a guide, please refer to the size chart below which is the most accurate way to select the best size. Pay special attention to the length of the torso as this is the MOST important measurement if your loved one does not match perfectly into one of our sizes according to the chart.

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