Lavender Stress Pillow (Water-Resistant)

$ 16.00

Studies suggest that lavender may have calming effects on the brain and nervous system. Our scented lavender stress pillows aim to reduce anxiety, whether that is before surgery, during recovery, or at bedtime. A great gift for pre-op patients, troubled sleepers, and people who suffer from stress. This water-resistant pillow is ideal for those prone to spilling, drooling, or leaking fluids.

We use all-natural dried lavender in our scented products. 


  • Removable pillowcase makes washing easy
  • Pillowcase made from soft, water-resistant polyurethane laminate (PUL)
  • Zipper made from plastic and polyester
  • Interior pillow made from cotton muslin and polyester fiber filling (Poly-Fil)


  • If purchasing for someone who is immunocompromised or in the hospital, check hospital rules or talk to their doctor before gifting.
  • Pillow is not intended to be used as a medical treatment, or in place of a doctor-recommended medical treatment.
  • Wash before using. Lay flat to dry.
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