NEW Vertical Access Bodysuits - perfect for feeding tubes, chest ports, and more!
NEW Bodysuits - for feeding tubes, chest ports, and more!

Feeding-Tube Belt with Security Flap


This Feeding Tube belt brings comfort and security to those with feeding tubes. The belt fits around the waist and has a circular opening over the feeding tube site. This opening is large enough to fit most g-tube pads and gauze pads, and is covered by a flap secured with Velcro panels. The panel gives easy access to the feeding tube site without removing the belt, while keeping it secure from wandering hands. The 5mm thickness of the band provides extra cushion for young tubies during tummy time!

This version of the belt has an extra panel of Velcro, so you can loop and secure any excess tubing. This further protects the site and secures the feeding catheter, which can help to reduce friction that causes skin irritation and tissue granulation.

The belt is made from perforated Neoprene, letting the skin breathe while keeping the wearer dry, even during physical activity. Unlike cloth belts, Neoprene is durable and can put up with a lot of wear and tear. The wide Velcro closures make this belt easy to put on and simple to adjust for a comfortable fit. If you need a larger size than what we offer, please contact us!

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash cold, with Velcro panels closed

Lay flat to dry

**While Neoprene is NOT made from Latex, some people with latex allergies are also sensitive to neoprene**

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