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All clothing follows standard US sizing guidelines, unless otherwise noted below. For sizing on accessories, such as belts, pads, and ostomy covers, follow the guidelines below.

Wonsie For Wonsie products, the length of the torso is the most important measurement. 

Ostomy Covers & Belts Select your pouch size, then choose the opening that fits the outer diameter of your flange (measured in inches). If your pouch has an oval-shaped flange, select the wide option (3.5" Oval). 

The “Pouch Size” measures the length and width of your pouch. If your pouch empties at the bottom, measure the length with the tail rolled up. The “Opening Size” measures the width of the flange/round opening on your ostomy pouch. These covers are made from waterproof fabric, but they aren’t 100% watertight because of the flap at the bottom to allow you to empty your pouch easily!

Note: The belt width is 3 inches for the following pouch sizes: 4 x 6” and 5 x 8". The belt width is 4 inches for the following pouch sizes: 6 x 9”, 6 x 11”, and 7 x 12”.


Soft Sleeves Soft Sleeves are soft (it's in the name!) and stretchy, so a general estimation of arm size tends to be fine.

Upper Arm Circumference
Youth S 6 - 7" 6 mo. - 2 yrs
Youth M 7 - 8" 2 - 5 yrs
Youth L 9 - 10" 5 - 10 yrs
Adult XS 9 - 10" varies
Adult S 10 - 12" varies
Adult M 12 - 14" varies
Adult L 14 - 16" varies
Adult XL 16 - 18"