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Ethics & Sustainability

Abilitee Adaptive Wear strives to source, produce and ship our products sustainably.  We source many of our materials from wholesalers who value environmentally-friendly practices, like the Eco-PUL we use in our Ostomy Covers and G-Tube and Trach Pads. We have partnered with companies like Colored Organics and Under the Nile for our adaptive Bodysuits. They create clothing items from naturally-grown organic cotton and provide safe, sweatshop-free environments for their workers. Many of our apparel items, like the Recovery Blouse, and Shoulder Snap Tees, are made in the USA at a woman-owned factory.

Our products are packed and shipped using EcoEnclose packaging, which contain high amounts of recycled content and are either biodegradable or recyclable. The clear poly bags can be recycled wherever you recycle plastic bags, such as your local grocery store.