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Meet the change-making brand creating adaptive apparel

Abilitee recently launched a limited collection of medically adaptive accessories with Aerie, American Eagle's intimates and loungewear brand. Through their messaging around self-care, inclusivity, and body-positivity, Aerie has grown a following of brand advocates who are eager to spread the movement. When we were presented with the opportunity to join in, it was an easy decision! Aerie chatted with our co-founders to learn more about the inspiration behind Abilitee and how we approach universal design. Check out the full interview below.

Our mission is to change the lives of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

A brand on a mission...

With a focus on universal design, we aim to elevate and empower people living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other medical needs. It's 2020, and we say it’s time for clothing “Teequality”.

Committed to sustainability

We strive to source, produce, and ship our products using the most sustainable methods available. We consider the environmental impact of our products at each stage of the process, from selecting materials to final shipment packaging - using only biodegradable packaging made from recycled content, of course!

Putting people first

We believe in building a brand for the people, by the people. We recognize that our customers know their bodies and unique needs better than anyone else, so we involve them in the design process from the very beginning.