NEW Vertical Access Bodysuits - perfect for feeding tubes, chest ports, and more!
NEW Bodysuits - for feeding tubes, chest ports, and more!

Tube & Cath Access Fox Backpack

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An adapted, insulated backpack made from super-lightweight neoprene. Keeps tubes, pumps, and other supplies close – even when your little warrior is on the move. Large enough to fit the Joey, Enteralite, Curlin, and other common pumps. The interior vinyl case snaps in and out easily, so you can keep meds, wipes, syringes, and other small supplies organized. An adaptive ring opening at the side lets you keep tubes and caths connected on the go, while insulated neoprene keeps meds, feed bags, and other contents cool. We’ve added an additional Velcro strap at the inside-top, to hold up bags and other devices that need to stay vertical.

The backpack measures 12" tall, 10" wide, and 3" deep, with adjustable straps.

We’re proud to offer new designs, such as this one, so if you have comments, feedback, or recommendations for improvement, we would love to hear from you!

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