Tube & Cath Access Fox Backpack

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This adaptive stylish Fox Backpack is made from super lightweight Neoprene. The insulation keeps tubes, pumps, and other supplies close and cold – even when your little warrior is on the move. Large enough to fit the Joey, Enteralite, Curlin, and other common pumps.  


  • Adaptive accessory
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Interior vinyl case is easily removable for organization 
  • Adaptive ring opening at the side keeps tubes and caths connected on the go 
  • Insulated Neoprene keeps medication, feed bags, and other contents cool
  • Additional Velcro strap at the top of the inside holds up bags and other devices that need to stay vertical
  • Backpack measures 12" tall, 10" wide, and 3" deep, with adjustable straps 


  • Spot clean as needed