Feeding-Tube Belt


This Feeding Tube belt brings comfort and security to those with feeding tubes. The belt fits around the waist and has a circular opening over the feeding tube site. This opening is large enough to fit most g-tube pads and gauze pads, and is covered by a flap secured with Velcro panels.


  • Compatible with G-Tube Pads and gauze pads
  • Easy access to feeding tube site without removing the belt
  • Provides protection from curious hands
  • Thick band gives extra cushion for young tubies during tummy time
  • Band: 5 mm thick



  • Machine wash cold, with Velcro panels close
  • Lay flat to dry




  • The belt is made from perforated Neoprene, letting the skin breathe while keeping the wearer dry, even during physical activity. 
  • Unlike cloth belts, Neoprene is durable and can endure a lot of wear and tear. The wide Velcro closures make this belt easy to put on and simple to adjust for a comfortable fit 
  • While Neoprene is NOT made from Latex, some people with latex allergies are also sensitive to neoprene!

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