Zappos Adaptive

Zappos Adaptive

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Abilitee Adaptive Wear

Co-founded by a doctor and an artist, Abilitee Adaptive Wear® strives to create clothing solutions for the people with disabilities community. Abilitee Adaptive Wear is known for their innovative apparel for patient comfort, access, and style. Their collection features styles for a wide range of patients and those that support them. From adaptive baby bodysuits with tummy access to ostomy covers, easy access treatment clothing, feeding tube and insulin belts, and surgical recovery clothing you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. In addition to adaptive clothing, Abilitee Adaptive Wear offers adaptive accessories such as sensory friendly “chewelry”, PICC covers, catheter access backpacks, and G-tube waistbands.

Adaptive Shoulder Snap Baseball Tee $36
Surgical Recovery Blouse $68
Big Kid Bodysuit $36







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