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8 Fashionable Picks for Adaptive Kids’ Clothes

by Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel |



The concept of “adaptive clothing” doesn’t always inspire images of fab fashion-forward finds. But you can forget about about bulky garments or duds that are, well, duds. Regardless of their needs and capabilities, all kids deserve fun, fashionable clothes. And whether your kiddo is looking for accessible adaptive wear or ensembles that are sensory-friendly, these picks are all stylish selections from brands that completely care about your child as a whole person.

Cat & Jack Adaptive “Share Kindness” Fleece Pullover

This cozy, comfy, tag-free fleece sweatshirt has flat seams, making it perfect for kids with sensory issues. And, bonus, it offers easy abdominal access if your kiddo needs it.

Mighty Well Green Tweed PICCPerfect 2.0

Who says a PICC line cover needs to look blandly medical? This super-stylish tweed pattern keeps your kiddo’s line protected while still providing easy access. (There’s also a floral version.)

MagnaMini Striped Barn Coat

Forget about troublesome buttons and zippers: This toasty winter coat comes complete with magnetic closures. Along with the easy-to-secure magnetic front, it has no-itch heat-sealed labels.

Tommy Adaptive Jogger Pant

This is more than just a plain pair of pants. On top of an adjustable waist and a Velcro closure, these runway-worthy joggers also have a magnetic fly that looks just like a traditional zipper version.

Lands’ End Kids Adaptive Short Sleeve Interlock Polo

Lands’ End is bringing adaptive style to school uniforms. Magnetic closures down the entire front make this school-day pick easy to put on and take off, and the no-curl collar will keep your kiddo looking cool all day long.

‘Braille’iant Harmony Tee

This graphic tee makes much more than a simple statement. With ASL fingerspelling, Braille, and English all together, your kiddo’s shirt pretty much says it all!

Cat & Jack Adaptive Fleece Toddler Jogger Pants

When clothing creates challenges for kids with sensory issues, these comfy joggers are IT. The flat seams and tag-free design can help your child to get around irritation issues, and they also have a high-rise design for full diaper coverage.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear Short Sleeve Bodysuit

Made from organic cotton with nickel-free snaps, this hypoallergenic onesie comes in three colors and offers easy access to a feeding tube and/or catheter. You’ll be reassured that your little one won’t grab or pull on totally exposed tubes, and they’ll be comforted by the soft, baby-friendly material.

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