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American Eagle’s Aerie Teams With Texas Company To Offer Adaptive Clothing Line

by Berlin Schaubhut |

“They clearly already recognized there are millions of people in the U.S. who have some sort of medical condition that requires a device or adaptive clothing at some point,” said Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel, who’s a co-founder of Abilitee.

The clothing company launched online from Austin, Texas, about two years ago. It’s designs are made to fill a need and promote inclusion.

“When you can go to a brand like Aerie and shop like anyone else, and buy a beautiful belt or top that’s going to work with what you have going on in your life, that just normalizes it,” said Saba Kamaras, the Chief Operating Officer of Abilitee.

The official partnership launched two weeks ago with a handful of items including catheter clips and soft sleeves.

While Abilitee hopes the partnership will grow, the success is already being seen across the country.

“Through the comments, people really light up as they notice there are so many other people out there who have the same thing as me,” Kamaras said.

Aerie’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Stacey McCormick said: “The response from both of our communities has been very strong! We have been hearing so many heartfelt stories of how our products are helping people and they want more! We love working with the Abilitee team and will continue to work with them to offer adaptive products that both our customers can use in their everyday lives.”

For more information, visit AerieREAL Life here and Abilitee Adaptive Wear here.

Right now, the items are only being offered online through Aerie.

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