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What's Your Ostomy Cover Style?

by Berlin Schaubhut |

Are you looking for a cover for your ostomy but don’t know which to choose? Check out our guide of Abilitee Ostomy Covers for all bodies, personalities, and occasions. From playful to discreet, find a cover to suit your unique needs. Abilitee Ostomy Covers

Discreet & neat

Would you rather keep your ostomy to yourself? or maybe you want your ostomy to blend in with your outfit, skintone, or just add a little extra privacy? We have several options to choose from in neutrals and solids.

Abilitee Ostomy Cover, Light BeigeAbilitee Ostomy Cover, BrownAbilitee Ostomy Cover, Light GrayAbilitee Ostomy Cover, GrayAbilitee Ostomy Cover, Gray

Check out how Abilitee Ambassadors and ostomates Renee (aka @pouch_by_pouch) rocks her black Abilitee Ostomy Cover:

Abilitee Ostomy Cover, Black


Color coordinate!

Choose your ostomy cover to match your outfit. This can allow you to blend in, stand-out, or add a bit of chic-coordination to your OOTD. 

Abilitee Ostomy Cover, Hot PinkAbilitee Ostomy Cover, GreenAbilitee Ostomy Cover, NavyAbilitee Ostomy Cover, Orange & BlueAbilitee Ostomy Cover, Olive Green

Need inspo: Check out the Navy Ostomy Cover worn poolside by @pouch_by_pouch and the Hot Pink Cover taken on a hike by @mygrandcanyon:


Bold and Daring

Want everyone to know you are a proud ostmate? Want to answer those important questions from people who have no clue what an ostomy is? Let your Ostomy Cover speak for you! Show off your pride in being an ostomate, or add a little humor to your outfit. Choose your motto in hot pink or black: 

HOT SHIT Pink Ostomy CoverOH SCRAP Ostomy Cover, BlackOH SHIT Ostomy Cover, Black

OH SHIT Pink Ostomy Cover


Have an idea for a great Ostomy Cover label? We’d love to hear! Email us at hello@abiliteeadaptivewear.com.



Check out some inspiration from our daring Abilitee Ambassadors @jessica_miles & @pouch_by_pouch rocking their bold ostomy covers:

TOUGH SHIT Pink Ostomy Cover OH SHIT Ostomy Cover, BlackOH SHIT Ostomy CoverOH SHIT Ostomy Cover, Black

Featured covers: TOUGH SHIT Pink, OH SHIT Black Ostomy Cover

Sweet & Unique

Stand out in your own style. From roses to camo to holiday fun! We update our cover styles seasonally so check back often to take a peek at the latest fun prints.

Arrow Print Ostomy CoverOpulent Garden Print Ostomy CoverFloral Print Stripe Ostomy CoverPink Plaid Ostomy CoverFloral Birds Print Ostomy CoverLego Print Ostomy CoverMod Cacti Print Ostomy CoverCamo/Black/Olive 3-PACK Ostomy CoversFores Green Plaid Print Ostomy Cover


Need some inspiration? Mix and match, dress it up, or lounge in style!

Camo Print Ostomy CoverFloral Print Strip Ostomy CoverArrow Print Ostomy CoverFloral Birds Print Ostomy CoverArrow Print Ostomy CoverCamo Print Ostomy CoverFloral Stripe Ostomy CoverArrow Print Ostomy Cover

Featured cover prints: CamoFloral StripeFloral Bird, & Arrow Print

Functional & Secure

Want to cover your ostomy bag, but need a little more support? Check out our classic ostomy belt in Navy, Black, or Grey. This ostomy cover is water-resistant, providing an extra layer of security between your ostomy bag and clothing- saving you from leaks and stains!

Navy Ostomy BeltBlack Ostomy BeltGray Ostomy Belt

Do you have an idea for an ostomy print, color, design you want to see? We’d love to hear from you! Email us with your idea at hello@abiliteeadaptivewear.com. And don’t forget to share with your friends!


Thanks you to our wonderful abilitee ambassadors for photos! 


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