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Ostomy Covers: How do I measure my bag?

by Berlin Schaubhut |

So you’ve picked the perfect Abilitee Ostomy Bag Cover? Now the question is, how do I find the right size? Follow these easy steps to ensure you get the right fit.

What you need:

Your ostomy bag, ruler or measuring tape, pen & paper to write down measurements.


Step-by-step instructions to pick the right pouch size and opening size for your Abilitee Ostomy Cover.

1.  Place your ostomy bag on a flat surface

2.  Measure the Pouch Size:

Measure your ostomy pouch sizeMeasure your Ostomy Pouch Size

With your ruler/measuring tape, measure (in inches) the length and the width at the widest point. (If your pouch empties at the bottom and has a tail, measure with the tail rolled up)

Choose from the following sizes (round up if needed):



3. Measure the Opening Size:

Measure your ostomy opening sizeMeasure your ostomy opening size

The Ostomy Cover opening hole will fit around the hard plastic ring of your specific ostomy pouch. The easiest way to find the right opening size is to place a ruler across the ring and measure the diameter (at the widest point, as shown). If your pouch has a large oval-shaped flange, choose the Opening Size: "3.5" Oval

*for 1-piece Ostomy Bags measure the diameter of the adhesive area.

Choose from the following sizes (round up if needed):

3.5” Oval


4. Choose your style: Shop all Ostomy Cover Styles here

Ostomy Bag Cover, Brown, Light Gray, Light BeigeOH CRAP Black Ostomy CoverFloral & Stripe Print Ostomy CoverOrange & Blue Ostomy Cover Camo, Black, Olive Green Ostomy Cover Pack

Featured covers: BrownLight GrayLight BeigeMod Cacti PrintOH CRAP in BlackFloral & Stripe PrintOrange & BlueCamo/Black/OliveGreen 3-Pack


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