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Our Favorite Adaptive Gifts for Father's Day

by Berlin Schaubhut |

Let's celebrate National Men's Health Week and Father's Day 2020! We've put together a list of adaptive clothing and accessories that combine function and style for the men in your life. From diabetes and ostomy support to advocacy & supporter tees, we have something to fit all the father's with special needs!

The Shoulder Snap Baseball Tee – @abiliteeadaptivewear

Abilitee Shoulder Snap Tee

featured: Navy Adult Shoulder Snap Baseball Tee

A soft jersey tee is perfect for the fathers that need a little something special in their shirt. The baseball tee has concealed snaps at both shoulders giving quick access to broviacs, central lines, and chemo ports without removing clothing. Our low-profile snaps have a soft fabric backing, and are metal-free (so they are MRI friendly)! Unlike zippers, our snaps can also secure loose lines during treatment. This tee is also perfect for the dad with limited upper mobility or recovering from surgery. 

Removable Omnipod Decals – @T1Decals

Omnipod Decal
featured: Camo Omnipod Decal
T1 Decals
featured: Diamond Plate Omnipod Decal

The Soft Stretch Waistband – @abiliteeadaptivewear

Abilitee Charcoal Waistband

featured: Abilitee Waistband in Charcoal

Made from soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking material, the bands hug the body, providing lightweight support. There is a wide range of uses for these waistbands: secure ostomies, feeding tubes, and catheters close to body, post-surgical abdominal support during recovery, and more!

The Insulin Pump Belt – @abiliteeadaptivewear

Abilitee Insulin Pump Belt

featured: Insulin Pump Belt in Beige 

Like the Abilitee waistbands, but with a hidden zipper pocket: enough room to store your meds, phone, insulin pump, and more. They are so comfy, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. With maximum comfort and super soft sweat-wicking material, the belts are perfect for low or high impact workouts! Available in 6 colors!

featured: Insulin Pump Belt in Black 

Longsleeve Shirt w/ Magnetic Buttons – MagnaClick at Zappos Adaptive

Shortsleeve Magnetically Infused Shirt

featured: Shortsleeve Magnetically Infused Shirt

Shortsleeve Magnetically Infused Shirt - MagnaReady at Zappos Adaptive

MagnaReady at Zappos Adaptive

featured: Shortsleeve Magnetically Infused Shirt

Ostomy Covers – @abiliteeadaptivewear

Abilitee Ostomy Bag Cover

featured: Black OH SHIT, Navy, & Gray Ostomy Cover Bundle

featured: Camo, Black, and Army Green Ostomy Bundle

Our classic solid Navy water-resistant ostomy cover provides an extra layer of security between your ostomy bag and clothing, saving you from leaks and stains. Choose from a statement to add to your bag: OH SHIT, OH CRAP, TOUGH SHIT, or HOT SHIT. Or keep your ostomy bag a little more discrete in the beige, black, and navy colors. 

The Ostomy Belt – @abiliteeadaptivewear

Abilitee Ostomy Cover Belt

featured: Black Ostomy Belt

Choose the Ostomy Belt for additional support and coverage for your ostomy bag. The water-resistant ostomy cover provides an extra layer of security between your ostomy bag and clothing, saving you from leaks and stains. It features a lower flap that provides access for emptying ostomy bags. The belt is made from Neoprene and features an adjustable Velcro closure that will sit at your back.

Diabetic Mini-Crew Socks – DryMax Sport

featured: Diabetic Mini-Crew Socks

Awareness & Support Tees – @abiliteeadaptivewear  

Abilitee STAY HOME 2020

featured: STAY HOME 2020

Abilitee TO BE KIND tee

featured: Abilitee TO BE KIND tee in Navy 

Abilitee TEAM WORLD 2020

featured: TEAM WORLD 2020 


Do you have an idea for a great adaptive clothing or accessory?

We'd love to hear from you!

Email us at hello@abiliteeadaptivewear.com.

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