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by Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel |

Meet Kade, as introduced by his parents:

Kade James was born on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005, and is seven years old now. Only born about a week early, there was no reason for concern. The birth did have some complications of his heart rate dropping. Later it was determined that it was due to the abnormally short umbilical cord.

Kade was diagnosed with Translocation Downs Syndrome when he turned one. This is a rare form of the disorder and, in most cases, can range in mild to severe delays. We were told that he would need many tests to check his heart, organs, eyes, and ears. Thankfully he has been blessed with incredible health. A hole in his heart repaired itself by his second birthday. He has perfect sight and hearing, and all other tests have come up negative.

The first signs of developmental delays were when he could not walk or crawl. After realizing he had relaxed muscle tone, we knew this was likely due to a disability. Clubfeet require him to wear insoles in his shoes, and he receives Physical and Speech Therapy.

Kade has not let DS affect his ability to do everything, and he keeps up with his two older brothers very well. Kade is also the proud and protective brother of two younger sisters, which he loves and adores. He still has speech and language delays but knows sign language and is learning French as well. His favorite hobbies include fishing and horse therapy. We are excited that he will be advancing to First Grade in his mainstream school with his peers in the fall.

Kade has changed our family and the entire outlook on life. We finally realize to appreciate the little things in life.

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