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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

by Berlin Schaubhut |

In the U.S. alone, there are millions of individuals living with a disability, chronic illness, or medical need. Advancements in medicine have translated into improvements in health outcomes and quality of life for the sickest patients. But the impact of one's illness reaches beyond the hospital walls and into their daily life. Simple activities, like eating, shopping, getting dressed, and using a computer, can become overwhelming.

At Abilitee, we design to increase inclusivity and accessibility. This is why we are so excited to celebrate and applaud Global Accessibility Awareness DayIn honor of its importance, we have put together some of our favorite accessible designs:

The Surgical Recovery Blouse

Abilitee Recovery Blouse

This multifunctional blouse isn't just for surgery recovery. The Kimono-style wrap is ideal for women with limited upper body movement; you can get dressed without having to raise your arms. Hidden snaps at the shoulders make it easier for doctors to access ports and surgical sites, and an excellent option for a nursing new mom. You can use interior pockets to carry drainage bulbs or medical appliances. We love that this accessible design can offer an option for many different bodies and needs and still look good on!

Adaptive Bodysuits for Special Needs

Abilitee Big Kid BodySuit

This Big Kid Bodysuit features a zipper opening at the front abdomen to access feeding tubes, ostomies, and more. Inseam snaps allow for easy diapering or toileting. We have a large selection bodysuits for different needs from infants to big kids and all in between. Shop here to find your kid the perfect bodysuit for both their unique style and needs.

The Abilitee Insulin Pump Belt

Abilitee Insulin Pump Belt

featured: Indigo Insulin Pump Belt

Soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking, this adaptive Insulin Pump Belt features a hidden zipper pocket. There is enough room for your pump, but it also can be used to store your meds, phone, and more. It's so comfy, you'll forget you're wearing it. 

The Shoulder Snap Baseball Tee for Kids and Adults

Abilitee Shoulder Snap Baseball Tee

featured: Abilitee Kids Shoulder Snap Tee in Coral

These comfy tees are accessibility inspired. The low-profile snaps provide quick access to broviacs, central lines, and ports without removing clothing. Unlike zippers, you can use the snaps to secure loose lines during treatment Plus, they are MRI-friendly!

Shop all our accessories and clothing crafted with accessibility in mind!

Do you have an idea for an adaptive clothing or accessory that could make your world more accessible? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at hello@abiliteeadaptivewear.com.

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