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Let's Take a Moment to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month!

by Berlin Schaubhut |

April is Autism Awareness Month!

In celebration of Autism Awareness Month, we've put together a list of sensory-friendly items for both kids and adults. 

Responses to senses and pain are often different for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) than those without. This makes meeting sensory needs crucial. One of the ways we process senses is through the skin - it relays tons of information to the brain, such as vibration, pressure, pain, and temperature. Talk about sensory overload! Some of those with ASD may find it challenging to interpret and respond to all these inputs- making getting dressed and finding comfortable clothing extra tough.

Abilitee has your senses in mind with our sensory-friendly clothing and accessories for those with ASD and other special needs. Check out our top picks:

Abilitee Soft Sleeves

Abilitee Soft Sleeve Charcoal

featured: Abilitee Soft Sleeve in Charcoal

The Abilitee soft sleeve comes in a super cozy 4-way stretch material. Besides being extra comfy, the Abilitee soft sleeve can help decrease sensory inputs from the environment, reducing anxiety and improving concentration. Our unique soft sleeves also protect sensitive arms against chafing, skin irritation, and UV rays. The material is flexible, breathable, and blocks the sun! Choose a sleeve to match your style in charcoal, indigo, hot pink, or aquamarine.

Sensory "Chewlery"

Chewlery Hearts Pendant

featured: Chewlery Heart Pendant in Ocean Blue

The unique shape and texture of these "Chewlery" necklaces and bracelets are perfect for those who like to fidget. The adaptive silicone jewelry satisfies the need to chew and is ideal for sensory seekers. Made out of food-grade silicone, all are non-toxic: lead, BPA, and latex FREE.


featured: Chewlery Berries Necklace in Blue/Teal/GreenChewlery Bracelet, Chewlery Pendant Necklace 

Shop all of the jewelry options and styles: Ring, Heart, Raindrop, Berries, and Circle Pendant Necklace. GeoTag and Dog Tag necklaces.The classic Chewelry Bracelet as well as the Tire Bracelet for children, and teens/adults.

Abilitee Shoulder Snap Tees

Mint Abilitee Baseball Tee

featured: Abilitee Shoulder Snap Baseball Tee in Mint

These super-soft jersey tees can make getting dressed easier. They feature hidden snaps at both shoulders. Why use snaps? Zippers are heavy and can feel cold and uncomfortable on your skin. Besides being sensory-friendly, they can also provide easy access for those with limited mobility or special needs such as broviacs, central lines, and chemo ports. Find these tees for both children and adults in a variety of colors:  

Abilitee Shoulder Snap Tees

featured: Abilitee Shoulder Snap Baseball Tees for Kids in MintCoral, Cobalt and for Adults in NavyBurgundy, Black 

Insulin Pump Belt

Insulin Pump Belt Charcoal

featured: Abilitee Insulin Pump Belt in Charcoal 

For those with diabetes and ASD, carrying an insulin pump belt can be especially tricky. The Abilitee Insulin Pump Belt is unique in the soft material and sensory-friendly seams. Made from a stretchy-sweat wicking material, it features a hidden zipper pocket with enough room to store your meds, phone, insulin pump, and more – but so comfy, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The belt comes in Indigo, charcoal, and hot pink for style, as well as beige, black, and white if you would prefer it more discrete. 


Sensory-friendly  G-Tube, Cath, and Trach Pads

G-tube + Cath Pad

featured: Adeline @addie.belle wearing a Red G-tube + Cath Pad

Abilitee G-Tube + Cath & Trach Pads protect your child's skin from irritation and absorb leakage around surgical sites. Unlike other pads, we took special care to make them sensory-friendly: our pads do not have rough edges or irritating exposed seams. These pads our waterproof and the skin-facing fabric is made from moisture-wicking microfleece infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions which inhibit bacterial growth and control bad odors. There are NO lead, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, or latex. They also come in fun colors and designs. 

G-tube + Cath & Trach Pads

featured: Arrow print, Ivory, Orange G-Tube + Cath Pads, Trach Pads in Red/Orange/Yello


Browse the entire Sensory-friendly Abilitee collection here.  


Want to know more about Autism Spectrum Disorders? Check out some of these organizations & blogs for information and community:

NIH: What is Autism?

Autism Speaks

Autism Support Network

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