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Adaptive Gifts for New Special Needs Moms

by Berlin Schaubhut |

Abilitee loves celebrating all births and parents! In honor of Mother's Day, we have put together a list of adaptive clothing and accessories for new moms as well as for new moms of special needs children. 


Stretch Waistbands for Maternity and Postpartum

The Abilitee Waistbands provide abdominal support during pregnancy, as well as postpartum and postsurgery. Made from soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking material, the bands hug the body and provide mild compression without adding bulk. Choose your Abilitee Waistband with or without a front pocket. 

Abilitee Stretch Waistband and Insulin Pump Belt

featured: Abilitee Stretch Waistband and Insulin Pump Belt in Hot Pink 



Abilitee Recovery Blouse

An adaptive blouse made for women by women. We designed this blouse for women who have recently undergone surgeries such as abdominal surgery or a mastectomy, and it is the perfect top for nursing moms and for as well as those recovering from belly-births. Hidden snaps at the shoulders provide easy access to feeding without removing clothing, and interior pockets can carry drainage bulbs or store medical appliances. This kimono-style wrap is also ideal for women with limited upper body movement as it's not necessary to raise your arms to put the blouse on.

Abilitee Surgery Recovery Blouse

Abilitee Recover Blouse

Abilitee Belts and Accessories to keep Feed Tubes, & Catheters in Place

Belts and other adaptive accessories are a great way to provide comfort to little ones with hard-to-manage medical devices as well as help their parents keep the devices secure.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear Feeding Tube Belt

featured: Abilitee Feeding Tube Belt 

Abilitee's Feeding Tube Belt features an opening large enough to fit most g-tube pads and gauze pads. A flap over the opening is secured with Velcro panels and provides easy access to the feeding tube site without removing the belt. The belt gives extra security from curious hands, and the thick band offers extra cushion for young tubies during tummy time.

Abilitee Infant Feeding Tube Belt

featured: Infant Abdominal Access Belt

The Infant Abdominal Access Belt provides comfort and security for little ones with hard-to-manage abdominal devices. The "secured wrap" design features a low-profile velcro closure, small flexible opening for tubes, and an exterior pocket for storing loose cords or tips. Breathable, antimicrobial material keeps the surgical site dry and reduces the risk of granulation or infection.

Adaptive Body Suits for Special Needs

We make our adaptive bodysuits and pajamas specifically to provide access to feeding tubes, catheters, or ports without removing clothing. They feature low-profile snaps that have a soft fabric backing, and can also be used to secure loose lines during treatment. Special openings give parents the comfort of knowing their Abilitee's super soft bodysuits give parents the comfort of knowing their little ones won't pull on tubes during feeds or while they sleep.

Abilitee Tube + Cath Kimono Bodysuit in Moroccan Blue
Abilitee Star Print Tube + Cath Access Pajamas Abilitee Pink Tube + Cath Snap Access Bodysuit (Shortsleeve)
Abilitee Rose Polka Dot Feeding Tube + Cath Access Bodysuit
Abilitee Kimono Pajamas with Tube + Cath Access
Abilitee Green Dash Print Tube + Cath Access Shortsleeve Bodysuit
featured tube+cath bodysuits and pajamas: (top row) Kimono bodysuit in Moroccan Blue, Star Print Pajamas, Pink Snap Access Bodysuit, (bottom row) Rose Polka Dot Bodysuit, Seagreen Kimono Pajamas, Green Dash Print Bodysuit


Are you looking for more resources for parents of special needs children?


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