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9 Sensory Input Activities for Kids at Home

by Naomi Schwenk |

Sensory-friendly activities create unique learning experiences that stimulate the body and engage the mind by developing sensory connections, making the learning experience more fun, meaningful, and memorable.  Keep your kids engaged at home with these simple crafts and activities. 

  1. Keep Calm JarIn a bottle, mix water, glitter, and a few drops of food coloring. Seal the lid tightly using a hot glue gun. When you (or your child) are beginning to feel overwhelmed, shake this bottle and focus on breathing as you watch the color and glitter fall slowly. Repeat as many times as necessary until calm.
  2. Shaker Bottle:  Fill bottles with household items like rice, beans, or chickpeas! You can even do different items in the same containers to compare weight and sound! (Images via The Craft Train)

  3. Water Beads:  Fill a big tub with water beads and let your kids explore with their fingers! You can also freeze the water beads for a completely different texture to keep this activity fun and fresh! 

  4. Shredded Paper Bins:  Fill a plastic tub with shredded paper and watch your kids giggle with delight as it tickles their hands. 

  5. Popping Bubble Wrap:  This age old classic activity is fun for humans of all ages and sizes! To have a different experience, try using other body parts (toes, elbows, etc.) to pop the bubbles! 

  6. Blowing Bubbles:  Blow some bubbles with bubble wands and your kiddo will love watching them float down and/or popping them! If you don’t have a bubble wand, simply use gentle dish soap and rub it between your hands. Make a hole opening with the suds, blow through your hands, and watch the bubble go!
  7. Thread-Edible Jewelry:  Use a straw to push a hole out of fruit snacks or use cereals. Have the kid thread the items and then they can eat it after

  8. Gooey Time:  Combine equal parts cornstarch, water, and food coloring of your choice. It is best to do this in a tupperware to store later as it can become liquid quickly. Throw toys in the slime!

  9. Fabric Scraps Board:  Got any old fabric scraps laying around the house? Sew them together to form a Fabric Scraps Board and your kids will love touching the different textures of each piece.

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