Cystic Fibrosis Q&A with Leila

Cystic Fibrosis Q&A with Leila

In honor of Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, one of our ambassadors, Leila, did a Q&A about her life and experiences with cystic fibrosis.

1) Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your family. 

A: My name is Leila I am 15, and I have cystic fibrosis, I have an incredible mother who has 5 children in total and I am the only one with CF but they are all carriers, I used to do competitive swim, and loved to play sports. My sister has twins who both have cystic fibrosis, named Oscar and Nicholas, they are both 7. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers, I love them all.

2) Q: What are your family's favorite activities and hobbies?

A: My family's favorite activities and hobbies definitely would have to be traveling! My sister travels all the time, they all live in different states, and we all love to travel and explore other countries and cultures!

3) Q: What is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration is Claire Wineland, she was, and still is the person I look up to as inspiration for who I want to be as a teen and adult with CF, she gave me words of encouragement, she was a straight shooter, and she taught me that things are inevitable, and she was the first person that I saw with CF, that was a huge influencer, and was so real!

4) Q: Who is the person (or people) who has gotten you through the most?

A: My mother, family, and friends have gotten me through it all. My mother has been by my side through it all, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. My friends and family have driven hours to visit me in the ICU, keep me company through CF tune up admissions, and been there for me outside of the hospital.

5) Q: While you have been going through this time in your life, what has been the most unexpected and rewarding thing you have experienced?

A: Through this tough period I have been awarded the gift of meeting and being introduced to incredible warriors, whether they have CF, or not, I have met people that I have now the honor to call friends and that is liberating, and gets me through each day!

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elise - June 20, 2019

amazing!! ❤️

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