• Chewigem

    "Chewelry" for kids who fidget and chew

  • Adaptive Clothing

    for surgical recovery, port access, and more


At Abilitee, only the softest fabrics make the cut. No itchy tags or bulky seams means our clothing will wrap you up in comfort. Think of it as a warm hug from us to you.


We believe clothing should help, not hinder. Explore our collection for clothing that provides access to chemo ports, feeding tubes, ostomies, and more. 


Adaptive clothing needed a makeover, and we took on the challenge. Each of our pieces is designed with both fashion and function in mind - no compromises. 

Meet the Founders

Abilitee Adaptive Wear was created to address the at-home needs of Dr. Sanchez's patients and other medically complex children. We now offer adaptive clothing and accessories for every age, and we plan to continue expanding our collection to meet a wider range of medical needs.

About Us
  • Design inspired by patients.