We're women on a mission to create adaptive apparel for people with disabilities and medical needs. At Abilitee Adaptive Wear, fashion and function go hand-in-hand. Great design isn't an afterthought - it's our inspiration. We're driven by dreams of empowerment and inclusion for #everyBODY. 

Come along as we disrupt the clothing industry - one tee at a time. 

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At Abilitee, only the softest fabrics make the cut. No itchy tags or bulky seams means our clothing will wrap you up in comfort. Think of it as a warm hug from us to you.


We believe clothing should help, not hinder. Explore our collection for clothing that provides access to chemo ports, feeding tubes, ostomies, and more. 


Adaptive clothing needed a makeover, and we took on the challenge. Each of our pieces is designed with both fashion and function in mind - no compromises. 

  • "My son's skin around his trach looks better since wearing these very soft and cute pads. The size is just right to cover all the sensitive spots. Highly recommend!"

    - Sophia A.

  • "The colostomy bag covers arrived quickly and fit perfectly. My dad is thrilled with them. He's much more comfortable in public with the covers."

    - Theresa L.

  • "I love these pads! The shape is unique and lays so well under my 14 month old's button. These have worked so well for us and I would definitely recommend them!"

    - Julie D.

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