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Aerie x Abilitee

See our adaptive collaboration with American Eagle's body-positive brand


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what we do

Our mission is to change the lives of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear is a brand on a mission. With a focus on universal design, we aim to elevate and empower people living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other medical needs. It's 2020, and we say it’s time for clothing “Teequality”.

From the tubie community...

These feeding tube pads are fantastic! Wicks moisture away from the body, and better for my skin than gauze pads and adhesive tape..."

Danae R.

The g-tube pads are absolutely the best! Our NICU twins needed these and our babies got so much relief from wearing them. Thank you SOOOO much!

Jasmine A.

Absolutely love the cath clip! Perfect to hold my IV, G-tube, and J-tube tubing out of the way. It's very useful as a relatively active college student.


Available at Zappos Adaptive

The Surgical Recovery Blouse

Kimono-wrap style opens fully for easier dressing; with chemo port access and large interior pockets for drainage devices (and anything else)


Ostomate love

These colostomy bag covers are the best! Gone are the days of worrying about leaks - my only complaint is that I wish I had discovered them sooner!


The covers fit great and bring laughs to whomever he chooses to show them to. He is the popular patient at the infusion clinic because they always know which bag he is wearing!

Angela J.

I love these covers! They made us smile even when we just put them on! When you have an ostomy, laughter is important!

Ron H.

SPF 50 Protection

The Soft Sleeve

Made from the softest, sweat-wicking material. Wear over PICC lines, MiniMeds / Omnipods, or sensitive skin.

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Diabetics are pumped!

LOVE IT! I got the Soft Sleeve to wear over insulin pump sites that I put on the back of my arm. The material is very soft and the seams are not noticeable at all. Will be purchasing more!


This insulin pump belt is wonderful. The only problem is I forget that it is on!

Terri C.

The insulin pump belt is the best purchase I have made in a long time! I don't only wear when exercising, but I also use it when I go to bed - it gives me a place to put my pump and not pull out my site by laying on the tubing! I love it!